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DMV Hearings in Tampa

If you get arrested for DUI, your driver's license will be automatically suspended for at least six months. However, you can fight your driver's license suspension by scheduling a hearing with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, often referred to as the DMV. You have only 10 days from the date of your arrest to schedule a hearing with the DMV. Failure to schedule your hearing within the allotted 10 days waives your right to challenge your suspension and get your driving privileges reinstated.

Even if losing your license will not affect your livelihood, as it might in CDL DUI cases, it can be extremely inconvenient to rely on friends, family members and public transportation to get to and from work, school or even to the grocery store. In addition to challenging your charges in criminal court, our team can help you fight the suspension of your license at your DMV hearing. These are separate proceedings but both are exceedingly important and will therefore be approached with the utmost care.

About the License Suspension Hearing

The DHSMV hearing only determines whether the defendant will lose or keep their driving privileges; it does not determine if the defendant is innocent or guilty of DUI. At the hearing, the defendant can challenge a DMV suspension and try to have their driving privileges reinstated. The defendant and their attorney have the opportunity to present evidence, testimony and witnesses on their behalf.

In addition, the DMV representative will examine information and evidence gathered by law enforcement surrounding the arrest. At the end of the hearing, the representative will make a ruling to either reinstate or continue the suspension of the defendant's driving privileges. However, it is important to remember that the defendant can still lose their driving privileges in criminal court, even if they get their driver's privileges back at the DMV hearing.

Importance of Involving an Experienced DUI Attorney

It is important to contact an attorney immediately. Having an experienced attorney on your side will greatly increase your chances of getting your driving privileges back at the DMV hearing. Not only that, but when your lawyer is involved in your hearing, he or she will get a head start in preparing for your criminal case. Much of the same evidence may be presented, and the DMV hearing will be a preview of sorts of the testimony and information that the arresting officer will provide in court. Statements made by the officer at your hearing can even be used against him or her in criminal court if his statements in court do not align. Our team uses our clients DMV hearings as one more weapon in our arsenal against their criminal charges.

If you are in need of experienced help at your hearing, contact a Tampa DMV hearing lawyer at Thomas & Paulk today for your free consultation at (813) 321-7323!

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