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Do I Really Need a Tampa DUI Attorney?

Determining Whether You Need Legal Counsel

One of the most pressing questions on your mind after an arrest for drunk driving will likely be related to legal representation. Do you need an attorney? Is it worth the expense to hire a legal professional to handle your case? Every case is different and the answers to these questions may therefore vary. There are a few helpful tips we can provide, however, related to DUI arrests and charges.

At Thomas & Paulk, we have handled countless cases involving first, second and third DUI offenses. We have represented clients facing drunk driving charges related to hit and run accidents and collisions that have resulted in injury to others. We have also handled specialized cases for clients who have been arrested for driving "DUI scooters" (electric bicycles) after their licenses were revoked for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

In our experience, we have seen what happens to drivers who choose to forgo legal counsel. They may accept plea bargains that are not in their best interests. They may be misled by law enforcement personnel or prosecuting attorneys. They may find that they are facing maximum penalties for a DUI conviction. In handling misdemeanor and felony DUI charges for our clients, we strive to seek the best possible result, using our considerable resources and knowledge on their behalf.

It may be tempting to represent yourself in the face of drunk driving charges. Hiring an attorney can be expensive, but it is important to consider that a DUI conviction may be far more expensive, particularly in the long run. In addition to facing hefty fines and court fees, you may experience adverse consequences related to your current employment or getting a job in the future, particularly if your livelihood depends on your ability to drive.

If you choose to represent yourself, you will not be treated differently by the court. You will be held to the same standard as a licensed attorney. This means that you must properly handle DHSMV and criminal court proceedings. Though some judges may attempt to help you along the way, there is no guarantee that the judge handling your case will be so kind. You cannot count on the fact that you will receive special instructions or treatment by handling your own case. Representing yourself is particularly tricky and ill-advised if your case goes to trial. A criminal trial is exceedingly complex and even a simple mistake can affect the final outcome.

Deciding Whether to Hire a Tampa DUI Lawyer

One of the best ways to get the information you need regarding whether to hire a DUI lawyer in Tampa is to schedule a consultation with a licensed attorney. A confidential consultation and review of your case may reveal key issues that can be addressed by a skilled attorney, such as a breath test that was improperly administered or an initial police stop that was made without probable cause. Legal knowledge and experience will give an attorney an edge in determining how to help you not only avoid driver's license suspension at your DMV hearing but avoid a criminal conviction. Contact a Tampa DUI attorney today to learn more.

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