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Alternative DUI Sentencing

How a Tampa DUI Defense Lawyer Can Help

If you have recently been pulled over and arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, especially if you have multiple DUI already on your record, then you are likely concerned about the DUI penalties that you will be at risk of facing. After all, the state of Florida does not take criminal charges of drunk driving lightly and it is well known that the state carries harsh penalties for the act. For most people, this can lead to fear that the arrest will lead to monetary fines, a suspension or revocation of a driver's license - and, worst, the possibility that the criminal case will cause them to go to a county jail or a state prison.

Residential Treatment Programs & SCRAM

In the state of Florida, one of the most appealing alternative forms of sentencing includes the possibility of a residential treatment program. This is accepted in many Florida counties and allows for defendants to receive an in-house treatment program for 28 days in lieu of imprisonment. At the end of the treatment program, the defendant will be giving their lawyer an edge in their case. While not a fail-safe, it does allow for a lawyer to argue that the defendant has undergone the necessary treatment - including counseling and alcohol testing - and have been rehabilitated so as to defend against the possibility of future DUI arrests occurring.

Similarly, another form of alternative DUI sentencing that can be considered is the possibility of being using a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM) device. This device is worn around the ankle and combines alcohol monitoring with technology for a house arrest; those who have the device placed on them will be tested twice every hour every day of the week for alcohol in their sweat. Courts often view SCRAM devices favorably as it provides 24/7 coverage with cost-effective monitoring techniques; this provides accountability and allow for offenders to serve jail time without being a burden on local prison and jails. Should an attorney argue for the pairing of this device with a treatment program, it could allow for imprisonment to be avoided as a penalty for the defendant.

Tampa DUI Lawyers: Defending Your Rights

While it is always preferable for a case to be acquitted instead of penalties reduced, in some cases, it is impossible for charges to be dropped or an entirely successful verdict to be won. You, however, can trust knowing that your attorney from Thomas & Paulk will not be deterred. Even in complex situations, we will fight tooth and nail to get you the best outcome that we possibly can - seeking alternative sentencing to help avoid some of the harsher penalties.

Don't face your case alone. Contact a Tampa DUI lawyer from our firm today to learn more about alternative sentencing and how it could affect your case.

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