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DUI Penalties: DUI School

When a driver is convicted of driving under the influence, he or she will need to complete DUI school in order to receive a hardship license or to have his or her driver's license reinstated. There are different levels of DUI school, taught by state-certified DUI instructors. The course may contain lectures, class discussions, handouts and videos as well as a one hour psychological evaluation interview conducted by a certified professional. Treatment from a psychological evaluation at DUI school may not be waived unless a court appointed agency with access to the original evaluation makes a supporting psychological evaluation.

The Bureau of Motorist Compliance and DUI Programs provides a list of licensed Florida programs for DUI school in the event that you are convicted. There are 26 licensed programs in the state of Florida who exist to inform about drunk driving. These institutions can also provide psychosocial evaluations, referral services and fulfill driver licensing requirements. There are two levels of DUI schools. Those who are first-time offenders complete Level 1 school and those who are repeat offenders complete Level 2 school. Level 1 courses usually require a 12 hour minimum classroom time while Level 2 usually includes a minimum of 21 hours of classroom time.

DUI school should not be confused with rehabilitation services. If you are charged with a DUI you may be required to attend mandatory drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment. The severity of your case as well as your alcohol abuse history will factor into the decision for alcohol rehabilitation programs and how many hours must be completed. During rehabilitation, as opposed to attending DUI school, you will be given a physical examination as well as become monitored so that you can properly detox and live without alcohol consumption. Drunk driving charges are incredibly serious which is exactly why the state of Florida has these types of programs in place.

DUI School Requirements

  • First Conviction - Must complete DUI school before receiving a hardship license.
  • Second Conviction - Must wait two years to apply for a hardship license; must complete DUI school.
  • Third Conviction - Must wait two years to apply for a hardship license; must complete DUI school.
  • DUI Manslaughter - May be able to apply for a hardship license after 5 years; must complete DUI school.

If a defendant waits until the license revocation period expires, he or she must still enroll in DUI school and pass driver license examinations in order to receive a new driver's license. If the defendant fails to complete DUI school within 90 days of license reinstatement, this will result in the cancelation of their license until school is completed.

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