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Third DUI Offense

Facing multiple DUI offenses is a serious situation to find oneself in. If you have two previous convictions and are facing your third offense, you need to work with a lawyer as soon as possible. A skilled attorney can and will make all the difference in the final outcome of your case and what penalties you face. With proper legal strategy, a defense attorney may be able to help you avoid a conviction altogether or may be able to negotiate to have your charges dropped before your case reaches court.

The penalties for a third DUI offense may include:

  • Fine Schedule: More than $2,000 and less than $5,000.
    • If BAL higher than 0.15, more than $4,000.
  • Imprisonment: Minimum of 30 days. 48 hours must be consecutive.
  • Impoundment of Immobilization of Vehicle: 90 days of impoundment.
  • Driver License Revocation: Minimum 10 years. Eligible for hardship license in 2 years.
  • DUI School: Mandatory completion.

Applying for a Hardship License
After being charged with a third DUI in the state of Florida, you will be subjected to a minimum driver license revocation of ten years. You, however, are not without hope. There is something permitted known as a hardship license which can be sought for business or employment purposes. Before becoming eligible for application, however, you will have to serve two years of the revocation. After that time period is up, you will be able to apply in the Administrative Reviews Office. You will be required to complete DUI School, as well as treatment if mandated by the court. You will also need to stay in the Special Supervision Services Program.

At Thomas & Paulk, we understand what it takes to represent a driver who has been accused of a third DUI offense. It's not easy to face court proceedings and a DMV hearing when you already have two convictions on your record, as the judge, prosecuting attorney and almost everyone involved in the case will be prone to believe that you committed this third offense. Our lawyers know that you need - and deserve - aggressive protection.

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