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DUI » Why a DUI Attorney?

Why Hire a DUI attorney?

"Why should I hire an attorney?" This is a question you may be asking yourself if you or someone you know has been arrested for DUI. This is an important issue to consider. It will have a financial impact on you now and will also affect the outcome of your case. As every case is different, we highly recommend discussing your particular case with a licensed attorney who can offer you valuable insight into the matter. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your DUI arrest and charges, an attorney may offer you different advice in regard to retaining legal counsel at this point, challenging your charges and in general addressing this matter. Discussing this matter with an attorney can also bring you much-needed peace of mind in making the right decisions about your case.

Building a Strong Defense for Alleged Drunk Driving

In the wake of a breath test that showed a blood alcohol level well above the legal limit or allegedly failed field sobriety tests, it’s easy to think that you have no chance of avoiding a conviction and the many penalties this may bring. You may feel that your only choice is to accept a plea bargain. This may not be the case. A legal professional who understands the inner workings of DUI cases in your area will be able to step in and determine exactly how to build a strong defense on your behalf. The evidence against you, no matter how infallible it may seem, may actually have been collected and / or processed in violation of your rights or standard procedure.

A lawyer who is familiar with these cases will be able to thoroughly investigate the matter and recognize opportunities where others would only see failure. An effective defense may be built by challenging the arresting officer’s testimony regarding your driving behavior or performance on field sobriety tests. The outcome of a breathalyzer may be challenged on the basis that the device was not properly calibrated or the test was improperly conducted. The lawfulness of your arrest or the initial police stop may be questioned. These are just a few examples of the type of strategy that your attorney may be able to employ in order to seek a positive outcome to your case. This may apply in criminal court proceedings and at your DHSMV hearing to protect your driver’s license.

Involving a Lawyer to Handle Your DUI Charges

Every year, it seems as though the laws and penalties associated with DUI become all the harsher for drivers throughout Florida and the rest of the United States. The best way of avoiding maximum criminal penalties, driver’s license suspension by the DMV and other serious consequences of a drunk driving conviction is to involve an attorney. You have the legal right to involve a criminal defense lawyer to handle your case. Taking advantage of this right and challenging your drunk driving charges will be your only opportunity of avoiding these various penalties.

An attorney with the experience and resources to competently handle your case can assert your rights and protect your interests in criminal court and at your license suspension hearing, seeking the best possible outcome in both of these proceedings in order to help you avoid losing your license and facing imprisonment, fines and other serious penalties associated with DUI. Although you were arrested and may have “failed” a breath test, all hope is not lost. Exercise your right to an attorney and call our law offices to discuss your case.

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