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Charged with a DUI?

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Floating Drunk on a Raft: A DUI Offense?

While it may sound absurd, one man was recently charged with a DUI for merely floating on a raft in a river while intoxicated. Police argued that he was operating a maneuverable device while impaired, which constitutes a DUI. William Modene was severely intoxicated with a BAC of .313, but no one could prove that he operated a motor vehicle while in this state. Instead, they found him floating through the Fairbanks of Alaska on an inflatable raft. The raft was considered a water craft, which meant that Modene was eligible for a DUI offense.

According to the Alaska laws, a person can be charged with a DUI if he or she is operating a motor vehicle, water craft or airplane while intoxicated. In other states, riding a horse, scooter, or motorcycle can also merit a DUI. There have even been occurrences where a person on a tractor or a man-made vehicle has been charged with driving under the influence. Like those that are arrested for operating a motor vehicle, you will be arrested for your actions and then taken to court to jail to await your sentencing.

You may have to pay fines, spend time in jail, or lose your license for your offense. In this man’s case, he would most likely avoid losing his driver’s license because he was not driving at the time of the crime. Typically, in a BUI the driver could lose his boating license, but this wouldn’t be applicable if a person was on a raft, which needs no license to operate. If you have been arrested for an obscure DUI, then you need a DUI lawyer on your side to help you in court. You will want the aid of a professional who knows every aspect of the DUI laws in order to fight to win your case. Talk to someone today!

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