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Session Beers Could Lower DUI Rates Across the Country

On average, each beer that you buy at your local liquor store has about 5 percent alcohol. Those who like IPAs and Belgian-style ales normally consume about 6 to 7 percent alcohol in each bottle. A few of these big beers can start to affect a drinker’s brain, quickly spiking their BAC to illegal driving levels. Once people get into their cars with a high BAC, they can end up in deep trouble. If discovered by a police officer, they may face jail time, fines, fees, and other unfortunate repercussions if their decision.

Now, a new beer movement is shifting the trend in drinking, and may make the roads safer simultaneously. This is the new “session beer” trend. Session beers are lighter, less-alcoholic drinks that are manufactured for their refreshing flavors rather than their ability to get consumers drunk. The beers were first used in Britain, where workers were permitted to drink during work hours as long as they were not inhibited from working after their break was over. These session beers permitted this. The Brewers Association claims that session beer is a legitimate category of alcoholic beverages. The beers must be between 4 and 5.1 percent alcohol in volume. There are even lighter beers that have an alcoholic percentage under 4.

Session beers are having a renewed comeback at present. Some think it is because people can enjoy them without worrying about the threat of a DUI later on. Others think that it is because the beers are brewed in a variety of delicious styles and can vary in taste from heavily-hopped ales, stouts, fruit-flavored ales, and sour beers. The lower alcohol content also has fewer calories; so many companies are working to market those who want to lose weight by promoting beers like Bikini Beer. All this to say, if you’re going to drink and drive, think about reaching for a session beer with a low alcohol content, rather than hard liquor.

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