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Charged with a DUI?

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Tampa Bay Resident gets 25 Years for a Fatal DUI Crash

In Tampa Bay, Florida, one 60-year-old man with the initials C.P. was caught driving while heavily intoxicated. According to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle, the drunk individual was operating his vehicle with his wife inside. He was already on probation for driving with a revoked license in 2010. In this previous offense, C.P. crashed into a vehicle on Interstate 75 while under the influence of alcohol. He was not permitted to drive, yet he hopped in the car anyway.

Police later found that C.P. had a BAC of .204 percent. This was staggering, considering that the legal limit is a mere .08 percent. C.P. must have been heavily intoxicated to have reached such a high BAC. Scientists believe that at this point, he must have had blurred or obstructed vision and little to no comprehensive levels. C.P.’s decision to drive drunk that night was not a wise one. Rather than simply being charged with a DUI, C.P. learned the weight of his choice the hard way. While driving he crashed into another vehicle in a swerving, wild ride. His wife was killed in the collision.

Still drunk, he tried to get her mangled body out of the seat where she lay, and tried to place her in the driver’s seat to shift the blame of the accident. He was caught while performing this action. The police immediately took C.P. into custody, and he has since attended his trial. After pleading guilty of DUI manslaughter, C.P. was told that he would spend 25 years in prison for his crime. He also plead guilty to violating his probation and driving on a revoked license. If you have been involved in a DUI, and you are concerned about your sentence, then talk to a Tampa DUI lawyer at Thomas and Paulk. We may be able to help you avoid jail or prison time, a revoked license, fines fees, community service and a host of other punishments that can accompany a DUI.

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