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Christmas DUI in Tampa Taken to the Courts

On Christmas day, three unfortunate individuals died in a horrific wreck when a drunk driver with the initials D.B. drove his Nissan truck into their Chevy Tahoe. This "most wonderful time of the year" became a day of devastation and mourning for the family of the three deceased. Yet one thing survived the fatal wreck, a little black box that recorded the last seconds before the collision. Now, relatives of the three people who passed away that day are suing the drunk driver, and it seems that they have more than enough evidence. The defendant is currently serving 12 years in prison for his mistake. He pleaded guilty to the three counts of DUI manslaughter a few months ago.

However, D.B. was far from repentant. In fact, when hearing about the lawsuit against him, D.B. countersued the family, claiming that the other driver was at fault for the accident. According to his counter-suit, the driver of the Tahoe changed lanes so abruptly that it was impossible for D.B. to avoid colliding with him. He says that he wants damages for his pain, medical bills, and mental anguish. Yet the little black box in the Tahoe seems to be pointing the fault at D.B. According to the evidence in the box, the family was waiting at a red light, and the brake lights were on for at least eight seconds.

All of a sudden, a truck smashed into the Tahoe. Analysts believe that the Tahoe was stopped at a red light when D.B. came barreling out of nowhere in his Nissan truck. Witnesses say that they saw D.B. driving erratically before the accident. His vehicle was swerving, almost hitting people and cars and often tapping the sidewalk. He had prescribed levels of Xanax in his system, and there were traces of alcohol and cocaine in his blood. Both of the cases are now being reviewed in civil court.

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