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Matt Fox Settles DUI Case with a Plea Bargain

Matt Fox was arrested for a DUI last month when he was pulled over on his way to a fast food joint for some late night snacks. At 3:23 a.m., the Lost star was reprimanded by police for failing to maintain a lane and to signal with his blinker before moving over. The officers issued a breath test and Fox showed up with an illegal BAC. Now, he has attended his court hearing and was advised by his attorney to admit his guilt in exchange for a lighter sentence.

This is called a plea bargain, and is a great way to avoid severe punishments when it is undeniable that you were guilty in a case. Matt Fox was given a one-year suspension from driving and drinking alcohol for a year as a sentence. This is much better than some of his potential punishments, which could have been months in jail, exorbitant fines, or years of license suspension. As a high-time celebrity, Fox will probably be able to organize a chauffeur or a limo service that can ferry him from place to place while he waits for his license to be reinstated.

The celebrity was charged with two misdemeanors- driving under the influence and driving without a license. He was supposed to be arraigned in court next week but the celebrity pleaded no contest to his one count of driving while intoxicated in exchange for no jail time. As a part of his sentence, Fox will need to attend a drug and alcohol rehab program that teaches attendees the negative effects of these substances and discourages the use of them. If you have been convicted of a DUI like Matt Fox, your best way out may be by a plea bargain as well. By openly admitting that you made a mistake, you may be able to get a lighter sentence and avoid time behind bars.

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