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DUI Hotel Provides New Option for DUI Victims

Here in Florida, if you are convicted of a DUI you may end up spending time in prison for your offense. Yet if you live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you may be able to skip the jail cell in favor of a hotel room at the DUI Hotel. According to Fox News, Allegheny County is the first jurisdiction to permit a DUI Alternative Jail program which sends convicts to a hotel to participate in a three-day, three-night program. There are two hotels that offer the course. Offenders allegedly attend compulsory evaluations, alcohol education programs, and treatment sessions.

Those who support the new program say that it frees up jail cells for those who need to be behind bars. Those who don’t support the new program say that it does nothing to keep drunk drivers from repeating their pattern. The anti-DUI Hotel activists say that many people may even want to be caught with a SUI to end up with a short vacation. Some say that the program is expensive, and only offered to those that can afford it. They claim that this is not fair for less wealthy individuals.

Some police say that the DUI Hotel is not enough of a penalty, and should be discontinued. Others say that the DUI Hotel is boring but beats jail. So far, 550 offenders in Allegheny County have completed the program. The county says that only first-time offenders who have a 72-hour jail sentence are permitted to attend the DUI Hotel program. The program is only for those who didn’t qualify for Pennsylvania’s Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition.

This is a lighter course for those that have had a first-time DUI but have no other criminal records and are a non-violent offender. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Tampa then there may be ways to reduce your sentence and give you a more comfortable way to serve your time. While Florida has not yet introduced the concept of the DUI Hotel, there are programs available for repentant and other-wise nonthreatening offenders. Talk to lawyer at our firm to explore your options and find your best route of defense!

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