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Alcohol, Your Body & DUI Charges

When seeking to learn more about DUI charges, it is helpful to first learn about what alcohol does inside your body. Every person is different, and their ability to digest this drink is different as well. For this reason, having a general understanding of the affects it has on your body, will be helpful in order to prevent you from getting pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence. Perhaps you were charged with a DUI recently? If so, in court the prosecution would likely use an expert witness toxicologist to essentially prove that your body and the amount of alcohol you consumed were beyond the legal limit and that you were unfit to operating a motor vehicle. Well, just as they understand the body and alcohol, here is a little information to consider in order to educate you on these matters.

First off, how does alcohol work with your body? When thinking of alcohol and your body, you may want to think in terms of a car and when you fill up your tank with gas, depending on how fast you drive and how far will result in how much fuel is spent. Your body is quite similar, and it depends on how much alcohol you consume, how fast your body absorbs it into the bloodstream and then burns it off. It depends how fast your body absorbs the alcohol you consume, as well as how quickly your body burns (through urine, perspiration and your breath) to determine your level of intoxication. You're your body absorbs the alcohol very quickly, your BAC level will shoot up fast as well; however, if your body is fast at the elimination process you won't feel the intoxication affects as strongly.

While you may be thinking that you can drink as much as you want because your body will eliminate it, think again. While it may find its way out of the body, it can do damage to the liver over years of continual exposer to alcohol. The majority of the alcohol you consume (95 percent of it, actually) is oxidized into your liver. Once it is in the liver it will form a gas with carbon dioxide and water which then goes into your bloodstream and lungs. Depending on how much you drink, how often, and the health of your liver determines how fast your body will eliminate it.

Absorption is how your body takes in the alcohol through the gastrointestinal tract by way of the mucous lining and then it goes into your blood stream. This tract goes through the mouth first, down your esophagus, to the stomach and then into your small intestine. So, if your stomach is empty, then the absorption rate will be significantly faster than if you drank a lot after a hearty dinner. While every person is different, the average rate of absorption is about 60% in the first 30 minutes of consumption, and about 90% will have been absorbed after an hour has passed, and 100% after 90 minutes. You must remember, though that the absorption greatly depends not only on your body, but also the alcohol concentration in your drink along with the other factors.

How then, do you determine your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels? First off, anything higher than a 0.08% is considered to be "drunk driving" and if you are arrested for these charges the penalties may vary from minor to severe. Your BAC level will be based off of numerous factors including the number of drinks you consume, the concentration level and your body size and gender. Say we are looking at a 140 pound man, if he drinks 2 beer bottles in an hour his BAC will be just over .05, however if he consumes another, he would pass the legal limit to get behind the wheel of his car. However, a man who weighs 240 wont experiences his BAC levels over the legal limit until he has had 5 beers. Therefore, it is important to have an understanding of your body type, how your body handles alcohol, among many other factors.

In the event that you have been arrested for driving under the influence, contact Thomas & Paulk, P.A. today for the aggressively Tampa DUI lawyer that you deserve on your side. At our firm, our legal team has had years of experience and we will do whatever we can to protect your rights as a driver and seek to protect your future and your reputation. Call us immediately for the help you need!

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