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Miami "Party Princess" Sentenced to Four Years in Prison for Fatal DUI Accident

Last January marked a tragic day for many families in the city of Miami. Some families had to cope with the loss of their husband, father and friend; while others had to grapple with the fact that their girlfriend, daughter and friend had killed a man while driving under the influence. This young girl was a bartender at a beach nightclub, and one night she allegedly got drunk while still on the clock and then proceeded to drive home while heavily under the influence when the hit and run accident occured. Standing before the court, she admitted to the court and to the family of the victim that she did in fact drink heavily before getting behind the wheel. She admitted to driving well over the speed limit on a street when she ran over a chef on his way into the restaurant across the street. After this she kept driving away, even while another driver sought to make her pull over.

The young woman admits that on Twitter she described herself as the "party princess" and that her actions were in no way acceptable. She then accepted to take the guilty plea before the court agreeing to four years in prison, the following two years on house arrest, and then probation for 15 years following. Not only that, she has had her driving license revoked permanently, never to be allowed on the roads again.

According to reports, the family of the victim is also seeing the nightclub for negligence in allowing an underage employee to consume alcohol, claiming that they are then responsible for the accident as well. In this case, the young woman will spend her prison sentence in a youthful offender facility rather than the adult state prison, though the charges that were against her were all adult criminal charges.

As you can see, the penalties for a DUI charge are severe, and when there is an accident or a fatality, the consequences continue to increase in the severity. In the event you are facing DUI charges, regardless of the severity, hiring a skilled Tampa DUI lawyer is crucial to fighting for your future. In cases like this, the female above could have been required to spend even more time behind bars for her actions. By hiring a criminal defense lawyer, it will increase the possibility of having your charges reduced or the sentencing decreased in some way. At Thomas & Paulk, we are highly experienced and able assist anyone who is in a legal bind. Contact our office as soon as possible to begin disusing your case with a professional. We care about the rights of each and every client and we will put our best efforts towards helping you before the court.

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