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Charged with a Tampa DUI?

Charged with a DUI?

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Arrested for a DUI This Thanksgiving in Tampa?

Over the long holiday weekend, Thanksgiving travelers made for heavy traffic and skyrocketing accident rates. This also means that an increased number of police patrols were on high alert for intoxicated drivers, seeking to make the holidays safe for everyone. While safe travels are certainly what everyone hopes for, this unfortunately can mean a staggering increase in DUI arrests. This can be true of any holiday, but the highest number of DUI arrests are said to occur on Thanksgiving.

As it is a holiday, it is only natural to have beer and wine as part of the celebration, but unfortunately a number of factors could land you in trouble if you are pulled over by an officer. For one thing, if you had a drink before you set out on Black Wednesday, or before you headed back home, you may very well have gotten behind the wheel with a legal blood alcohol content (BAC). But if you drove for at least 45 minutes or an hour, your BAC could have risen in that time. That means that any DUI tests you took after that point might have measured your BAC above the legal limit. In fact, certain foods (like poppy seeds) or medications (like cough medicine) could skew the results of a chemical test.

It is further possible that you should never have had to take those tests. With holiday DUI patrols on the lookout, an officer may have been overzealous and pulled you over without a valid reason for doing so. For a police stop to be lawful, there has to have been some probable cause, such as your speeding, swerving across lanes, or at least your having expired registration stickers. Then an officer would have to note bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, alcohol breath, or empty beer cans, etc. in order to ask you to perform tests.

Even if you were lawfully pulled over and asked to take a test, there is still the chance that the results are invalid. For instance, if you failed field sobriety tests, it is possible to point to a general lack of balance or to medical issues as the real cause of a failed test. Especially when you have traffic whizzing by you, while tired from long travels and feeling the pressure of a police officer watching you, it could be possible to discount a failed field sobriety test as simply a case of nerves.

But you may already know that failing a chemical DUI test is a much more serious issue, as these tests are much more reliable and precise. It is still possible to overthrow this evidence, however. Human error can creep in at many points, from how a breath, blood, or urine sample is taken to how the samples are sealed, labeled, or tested. While getting any such incriminating tests removed from a case will not automatically mean that your charge is dismissed, it will be taking powerful evidence out of the hands of the prosecution.

If you work with a brand new DUI lawyer, or an attorney who is indifferent, you might be stuck with someone who could easily overlook the possible defenses in your case, leaving you with a jail or prison sentence, fines, and worst of all, a criminal record. If you were arrested for a DUI this holiday, the rest of your life could be on the line. You want an experienced and dedicated Tampa DUI attorney on your side, and you can find this superior legal representation at Thomas & Paulk, P.A. Contact us immediately to learn how we may be able to help you. We have experience in finding the defenses that can get DUI charges reduced or dismissed.

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