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Florida Considers Tougher Measures for Driver's Ignition Interlock Systems

Ignition interlock devises are used for those who have been convicted for drunk driving; This device is connected to the driver's car dashboard and is basically an installed car breathalyzer test. The person who sits behind the wheel must breathe into the device and it will have a specified BAC level programed into the device, usually between 0.02% and 0.05%, and if the driver has a level higher than the car will not start up. This device is tricky though, because it may also ask for your breath tests even during you travels to make sure that you did not try to fool the system by having another person breath into it before starting your vehicle. If you fail to comply with the test and do not turn off the car, it is programmed to make your horn and lights go off until you do so.

If this device doesn't sound tough enough, the state of Florida is now considering the option of making it even more difficult for the driver to slip through the cracks. According to state statistics, there are 9,000 drivers who are required to use this device today in order to protect other on the road from drunk drivers. Since 2004, when Florida first started using the interlock device, they have issued over 64,000 IID's to drivers all over the state. While the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is pleased to have caught so many people, they believe the number it is too high.

Julie Jones with the department is seeking to pass state legislation that will lower the IDD blood alcohol levels from 0.05% down to 0.25%, closer to the standards that are almost nationally held. This device is given to drivers who have had numerous convictions for DUI's or had extremely high BAC levels when arrested, etc. While these regulations seem quite strict, do not feel as though all hope is lost. If you have been arrested for a DUI, contact Thomas & Paulk, P.A. today for the DUI defense attorney that you deserve!

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