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Tampa DUI Honey Trap: Judge Denies Mistrial

According to local news reports, two rival talk show hosts in Tampa are currently in the midst of a defamation trial because of words that were spoken about the other on their show. The tides turned, however, when the attorney representing one of the DJ's was arrested for a driving under the influence, a strange coincidence many suspect. Charles Campbell, the attorney representing Todd "MJ" Schnitt was arrested in Tampa for a DUI after allegedly getting drunk with a paralegal who works for the opposing counsel. Melissa Personius is currently working on the legal team representing Bubba "The Love Sponge" Clem.

John Ellis, another attorney on the legal team representing Schnitt, states that they believe the encounter with Melissa was entirely a setup, a trick in hopes that Campbell would be arrested. John Ellis was at the bar the night of the arrest and he claims that when he and Campbell met Melissa she lied about where she worked and highly encouraged their drinking that night; buying drinks specifically for Campbell. After the drinking, Ellis believes that she deliberately asked Campbell to move her car for her, knowing that he was under the influence; in order to get him arrested.

Hillsborough County Police state that Campbell was arrested while in the paralegals car that night, and then was required to spend the night in jail before posting bail the following morning. As a result of this alleged scandal and the DUI arrest going public, both sides of the case sought a mistrial with the judge presiding over the case. Unfortunately for Clem, the judge denied that request stating that he will have to now risk the possibility of losing the case because of the DUI set up.

The arresting police officer testified before the court stating that one of Clem's counsels did in fact call the police the night of the arrest, reporting a DUI. Not only that, but when Campbell sat inside the car at the time of the DUI arrest, he left his briefcase with the case information inside; possibly giving the paralegal access to valuable case information about his client. At this point, both sides of the counsel are tired of the many games that have arisen from his case, further information is yet to be released regarding the following trials about the original defamation case.

While many DUI arrests may not happen in such a complicated fashion for every person, they do happen on a daily basis in our area. If you have been recently arrested for a DUI, contacting an aggressive and experienced Tampa DUI defense attorney is absolutely essential. At Thomas & Paulk, P.A. we have helped countless individuals facing a variety of DUI charges; helping them fight not only for their freedom but also their reputation.

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