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Expungement and Your DUI Charges

While it is clearly far from ideal to be accused of a DUI and then be counted of the charges, it is another thing entirely to have to deal with the repercussions of your conviction for the many years following. Some would go as far to say that the aftermath of a criminal offense when you are back in the real world is much worse than that of the actual punishment or time behind bars.

The affects that this type of conviction can have on your job is astronomical, as it can prevent you from ever being hired in the first place, even years down the road from your conviction. Not only that, but when a person is convicted of drunk driving, they may suffer in their ability to be approved for a loan in the future (especially if it is a student loan), as well as in difficulty in leasing or renting an apartment. There are a number of downsides to your criminal accusation, which is why it is your responsibility to do whatever you can in order to fight for your freedom.

While it is not always possible to make your past “go away” there is a possibility that if you have a past DUI charge that later down the road you may be able to apply for an expungement of your crime. What this means is that no longer will the public eye have the right to your criminal record. Though the government will still know that you once were convicted for drunk driving, if the court will approve the expungement, it will in a sense be sealed to the public eye—even your employer.

The ability for you to have your record sealed depends on a number of factors, not just if you want to finally have a stable job. The court will take into account how long ago your conviction was originally as well as well as how long you have been without another criminal arrest or conviction during that time, regardless of what it was for. Judges want to see that you are a changed person and not continually having a run-in with the law before they allow you this unique opportunity to have your record sealed.

Also, before the judge will decide whether or not to allow you the freedom of an expunged record, they will also consider the severity of the crime for which you were convicted. For example, if you were simply pulled over for a DUI at the stop sign after you rolled through without a complete stop, the judge may be more likely to allow you the chance to have your record hidden. However, if you were drunk driving and then were in a horrible accident that injured or took the life of another person, the likelihood of the judge allowing you to have your record expunged decreases significantly.

Other factors that the court will take into consideration before determining your eligibility to be expunged include the severity of other criminal arrests and convictions on your record throughout your history. Even if these offenses were prior to the DUI, if they are severe enough the court may not allow you the chance to start over entirely. The court is adamant in regards to which crimes they do not allow an expungement for and that includes sex offenders, so if that is on your past record, it may harm your ability for expungement today.

In the event that you have been arrested for drunk driving, please contact Thomas & Paulk today to discuss fighting your case. Don’t wait before it is too late, start fighting your DUI charge now!

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