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Planning Ahead for Your Fourth of July Drinking

Getting arrested on a holiday is the last thing you want to deal with as you are celebrating with your friends, which is why planning ahead for your holiday drinking is so important. Obviously, Fourth of July is a fun time to get together with your closest friends and family members to enjoy a night of festivities, which often includes a lot of alcohol. Avoiding a DUI arrest can be simple if you take into consideration a few tips. First off, plan ahead with those at your party to either sleep over that night or to arrange a designated driver or to call a taxi. Make a plan and stick to it so that you don't put yourself or the lives of others at risk.

In the event that you do find yourself getting pulled over by an officer the night after you have been drinking, be certain to have a trusted DUI defense lawyer on your side who you can call. At Thomas & Paulk, we are experienced DUI attorneys who can help you fight the charges placed against you. However, initially how you respond at the scene will play a large role in your charges. First, if you are pulled over by an officer of the law, you want to make sure you are not panicking behind the wheel as they walk up to your window. Realize in this moment that nothing is going to get you off the hook, so just be calm and do whatever the officer asks you.

Next, and most easily forgotten is the simple task of being polite with the police officer. Their pulling you over is their job, this is not a personal offense against you. Remember, that no person has ever been favored upon or received lighter punishments by yelling at or arguing with their arresting officer. In many cases, aggression and defensive behavior will often be used against your DUI case by the officer as well, so it is best to keep your cool.

Another important factor to remember is your Miranda Rights, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. So do not say anything to the officer regarding your actions that night. While you want to make sure that you comply with the officers requests for identification etc., you are under no obligation to speak further to the officer before contacting your attorney. Be certain that you calmly and politely explain to the officers that you would like to speak with your attorney before answering any further questions.

Contact your trusted Tampa DUI lawyer today at our firm in the event that you are arrested for driving under the influence on a holiday or any other time.

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