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Prom Limo Driver Charged with DUI

Prom is a night that children look forward to their whole life, wondering whether they will get asked by that cute boy or if that cute girl will say yes. It is a night of dressing up, dancing, food and often time's alcohol. And while you might expect to hear worlds of these high school students sneaking from their parents alcohol supply closest, the last thing that people worry about is the person driving their teens to prom. Well, this was allegedly the case for a group of teens at prom over the past weekend. Accusations have been made that the man driving a group of teens to their school prom was under the influence of alcohol while driving their party bus.

According to police reports, this 54 year old driver was arrested for both DUI and reckless driving after he dropped off the large group of 24 students at their high school Saturday night. One student reports that when he got out of the bus he was stumbling around and seemed under the influence. Students alerted the police who were stationed at their school prom about their concerns for their driver after he had driven them dangerously before the drop off. The owners of the bus company shared that they hold a zero tolerance policy for all of their drivers, though enforcing those policies are quite difficult when a driver is responsible for his own actions.

Clearly, there will be a number of high school parents as well as school officials who will be seeking to have this man suffer the consequences for his actions, and if convicted he may be required to pay severe penalties with the law. He will require the assistance of a skilled DUI attorney in order to fight the charges and protect both his record and his reputation.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for a DUI charge, contacts Thomas & Paulk, today for the skilled Tampa DUI attorney you deserve fighting on your behalf! Contact us today for more information!

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