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Driving Behavior that Could Get a Driver Pulled over for a Suspected DUI

You may know that a police officer has to have probable cause in order to pull you over, and then even to ask you to perform field sobriety test. But do you understand what sorts of actions would give an officer probable cause to stop you? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration put together a list of 24 driving cues that can indicate that a driver has a blood alcohol concentration over the legal limit of 0.08 percent. Here are the four different types of visual cues that could cause a police officer to pull you over on suspicion of a DUI:

Issues with Keeping Lane Position. This category of visual cues covers driving behavior such as weaving in lanes or swerving in and out of the lane. An officer might also see a car veering into the next lane, or almost careening into a car or object, as a sign that a driver is impaired. If a car drifts, driving at an angle, then this would probably cause an officer to pull that driver over too.

Problems with Braking and Speed. An officer will think that there is a high likelihood that a driver is under the influence if they cannot stop in time, stop jerkily, or stop well before the line. Issues such as driving absurdly slow, or randomly speeding up or changing up speed could also trigger suspicion in an officer.

Vigilance Issues. This could be something like a driver who is going without headlights on at night, someone indicating one direction with a turn signal but then turning in the opposite direction, driving in the wrong lane, or giving a delayed response to a traffic signal. If a driver does not use their turn signal or suddenly stops in a lane without a reason, these could be other indications that give a police officer probable cause to pull a driver over.

Problems in Judgment. This type of driving behavior can be exhibited even by drivers who have only had a little bit of alcohol, but it can be enough for an officer to think that a driver is impaired. These errors in judgment include reckless driving behavior such as tailgating, making illegal or sharp turns, driving off of the road, or making a risky lane change, etc.

Of course, if someone was pulled over for speeding or running through a red light, an officer has every right to pull that driver over. There are a number of driving behaviors that can constitute the probable cause that an officer needs. If you think that your police stop may have been unlawful, or if you are facing DUI charges, then contact Thomas & Paulk, P.A. At our firm, a Tampa DUI lawyer has experience handling tough cases and protecting clients' full legal rights. You can find the rigorous defense that you deserve with our legal team.

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