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Off-Duty Deputy Arrested for a DUI

Sunday, January 12, the Florida Highway Patrol reported that a Hernando County sheriff's deputy was arrested on a DUI charge. According to reports, a patrol officer stopped a sedan that night when he saw the car going at 85 miles per hour in a 55-mile-per-hour stretch of road. When the patrol officer approached the vehicle, the 45-year-old driver showed the officer his badge. When he had to show his driver's license, he reportedly fumbled with his wallet a few times before a female passenger snatched the wallet and got the license out to give to the officer. When questioned, the deputy is said to have insisted he was sober, but to later say that he had possibly had five drinks. The officer noticed the smell of alcohol on the deputy's breath, and saw that he had bloodshot, glazed eyes. The deputy is also said to have been wobbly and to have failed field sobriety tests. He was arrested on a DUI charge and refused to submit to a breath test. The deputy is also reported to be on paid administrative leave.

Any DUI charge, even a first time DUI, is a very grave matter. Not only does this carry the potential to land someone in jail for a year and to exact heavy fines, but driving privileges are revoked or restricted, and one's personal record can be permanently marred with this conviction. This can ruin a career, and ruin any future job, loan, and housing applications. Even if there is no DUI conviction, refusing a chemical test is a serious enough matter all on its own. Because of implied consent, if a blood or breath test is refused, that person's driver's license will be suspended for a whole year, regardless of whether or not the criminal charge sticks.

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