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Driver Asks Court to Waive Interlock Device Penalty

A Kenneth City man pleaded no contest to a DUI charge in 2008, had his licensed suspended for one year, and was ready to comply with installing an ignition interlock device in his vehicle to reinstate his license, only, he couldn't supply enough breath for the breathalyzer to get a reading. His lungs literally do not give out enough air. He could not get the interlock device from the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. And according to the Tampa Bay Times, he has had to go without his driver's license for about the last four years.

His trip to the DHSMV was the day he found out he actually had lung issues. One of his prior jobs had been welding on construction sites. He had also smoked for years. He and his doctors attribute his "obstructive and restrictive lung disease" to this habit and occupation. The man's condition means that he cannot breathe out for five seconds straight, which is necessary in order for the interlock device to get enough air to test.

Thursday, June 19, the man asked the court to reinstate his license anyway. He has been unemployed for over the last year, and before that he was paying neighbors and friends to get a ride to work. Nearly four years without a license has taken a toll on his mobility and finances.

And this is the penalty that any conviction for DUI would produce: the restrictions that come with not having a driver's license, sometimes for years at a time. This limits job and social opportunities, and can be one giant setback among many others that come up on criminal conviction. If you face DUI charges, you need to be thoroughly aware of your rights and how these could get your charges reduced or dismissed. Speak to a skilled DUI lawyer in Tampa about your case when you contact Thomas & Paulk, P.A. as soon as possible!

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