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Charged with a DUI?

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12 Years in Prison for Tampa DUI Manslaughter

A Tampa man who was involved in a drunk driving accident that left one person dead fled to Texas following the arrest in an alleged attempt to avoid a prison sentence. Although he fled the state, the law caught up to the man recently. He was sentenced to 12 years of prison with 3 years of probation following his imprisonment.

2012 DUI Case Resolved in 2014

The man is accused of being involved in a drunk driving accident that led to the death of a passenger in the backseat in 2012. The driver is said to have crashed into a concrete pole after drinking that night. The passenger in the backseat was flung through the windshield, as the car crashed at over 70 miles per hour.

The 12 year sentence was just for the manslaughter charge in combination with a DUI conviction. The man will face further sentencing for failure to appear in court.

The prosecution noted that the man had taken his family to Texas in order to avoid prosecution but the defense argued that he was seeking to move his family and return to Florida to appear in court. While the DUI case is somewhat resolved, the other criminal charges against him will be resolved in the coming months.

Manslaughter Charge in Connection with DUI

A person may face a DUI manslaughter charge when someone driving under the influence is involved in an accident where someone else is killed.

If a person has been charged with DUI manslaughter, they face:

  • Between 4 years and 14 years in prison
  • Mandatory lifetime driver's license revocation

For those charged with DUI manslaughter, a tragic accident may result in a lifetime of repercussions. If you or a loved one are facing DUI manslaughter charge, it is important that you seek the counsel of an experienced DUI attorney. Thomas & Paulk have over two decades of legal experience and will work to create a comprehensive defense for your DUI case.

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